What’s In My February 2014 Fab Bag?

By Aishwarya Kaushal,Thursday, 27th February 2014

Hello everyone!

My subscription expired in January but I had won the #InMyFabBag contest in November. So, they gave me a choice between another November bag or to extend my subscription by a month. I chose to add an extra month. My Fab Bag arrived today.


I absolutely love the bag. Its tartan and pretty and these bags are so useful when travelling! However, I am not impressed with the contents of the bag!

The theme this month was “Fab Bag Crew Favorites”


Here is what I got in my bag :

1. Cetaphil Cleansing & Moisturizing Lotion Kit – 25 ml Sample Each


These are samples of the Cetaphil Lotion and Cleanser. I have used the lotion before and it doesn’t work for my oily skin. They are generous sized samples so you will know if you want to purchase the full size. But, I don’t expect Cetaphil products in my bag. It is not a brand that I would want to try samples of. Plus, it is easily accessible everywhere!

2. Tommy G Dual Lipstick – Passion Red ( 7 ) : Full Size


This is a liquid lipstick which turns absolutely matte on application. You can top it up with the gloss provided which is fairly good too. I am very happy with this product as I love matte red lips!

3. Thalgo Intense Regulating Serum – 2 ml Sample


This is an absolute disappointment! I would have been excited about this product has this been at least a 10 ml sample since I have oily skin and this is a sebum regulating product.

2 ml? Seriously Fab Bag? That is like one use or two if you really stretch it out. How am I supposed to know I want the product in full size after only using it once? Give me atleast 5-10 uses! Plus, the tube is tiny and feels empty!

4. V Day Bonus Product – Cookie Man Fresh Baked Australian Cookies


This is the product I was most excited about! There were 2 heart shaped cookies that were DELICIOUS!

5. Free Sample – Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Kit


There are 3 products :

Fortify + Repair Facial Moisturizer – 10 ml

Fortify + Repair Body Lotion – 20 ml

Fortify + Repair Hand Cream – 10 ml


Again, a blah product for Fab Bag. This is not something I would wanna try samples of too. I might keep the travel size tubes in my handbag for moisturizer emergencies but I am sure I am not going to be using the moisturizer on my face!


Here is what I got overall. I am very disappointed with this month’s bag.

I expect makeup and more high end brands from this subscription service. I wonder if they pay any attention to the questionnaires we fill out in the beginning because I remember specifying that I did NOT want any skincare! The only products I am happy about are the liquid lipstick and the cookies! I don’t understand why they have increased the price if this is what they’re going to send out!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading!

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You can subscribe to the Vellvette Bag here :  http://www.vellvette.com/

Cost :

– Rs. 499/- for a one-time box

– Rs. 1,099/- for a 3 month subscription

– Rs. 1,999/- for a half yearly subscription

– Rs. 3,599/- for an annual subscription.

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