What’s In My April 2014 Fab Bag?

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Saturday, 19th April 2014

Hello everyone!

My Fab Bag arrived yesterday, which is pretty early for FabBag. Usually my bag comes around 23rd to 28th of each month. I was busy with the Premia India Runway Week yesterday so I couldn’t blog about it straight away! Anyway, here goes :


The bags get cuter each month! The theme for this month was “Girl On The Go”!


So, here is what I got in my bag :

1. Beauty UK Blush and Brush – Isla Rose


I have previously received a colorful Beauty UK eye shadow palette which was less than useless. But, I am impressed with this blush. It is slightly chalky and a bit powdery but it blends well so I can move past that.


It has a lot of shimmer and chunky glitter in the pan which thankfully, doesn’t translate too much on the skin. This is a beautiful pink shade which looks natural and pretty on the cheeks.

2. I Love…Lip Shine – Raspberry & Blackberry


Personally, I am not a lip gloss fan, I prefer matte lipsticks. But, for someone who likes lip glosses, this is a good one. It is non sticky and gives a lovely shine.


It is a beautiful magenta pink color but, on the lips it looks like a very soft pink and it smells lovely too. Plus, this tube is huge so it will last you a long time! I just wish I was into lip gloss but, sadly I am not.

3. Sally Hansen Pedicure in a Minute


This was the product I was most excited about! I really like Sally Hansen. During summers, we need our feet to look pretty and perfect specially with open toe shoes. I am looking forward to my next pedicure with this! 😀

4. The Nature’s Co. Cononut Creme Body Wash


I absolutely love the smell of this! It smells EXACTLY like sweet coconut oil but slightly more like a wash than an oil. This sample will probably last me about 4 uses which I am very happy about. This is a bonus product but, there was no card for this. My only concern is that FabBag sends out too many shower gels. Over the months, I must have got 4-5 shower gels and there was a shower gel in my last bag too! This one has to be my favorite though. The previous ones were citrus or lemon which is boring to me!

Here is what I got overall :


After receiving Cetaphil and Vivel, I thought there was no hope for FabBag, but they seem to be recovering from that disastrous bag of February! There were 3 full size products in this months bag. However, I would still prefer to receive luxury products or even luxury product samples rather than full size chalky ones. The product I am most excited about is the Pedicure in a Minute. Had I been a lip gloss person, I may have loved the gloss. But overall, the value of the bag was well recovered by these products.

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You can subscribe to FabBag here :  http://www.fabbag.com/

Cost :

– Rs. 599/- for a one-time box

– Rs. 1,499/- for a 3 month subscription

– Rs. 2,699/- for a half yearly subscription

– Rs. 4,799/- for an annual subscription.

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Thank you very much for reading! :-)

For any other query, feel free to write to me at queriesforaishwarya@gmail.com

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